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Konjaku flour 

▲Active ingredients: Glucomannan (KGM)



▲ promote the growth of intestinal probiotics

▲ lipid and glucose reduction

▲ protect the liver and protect the stomach

▲ bowel catharsis

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  Xi’an Ruisaen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., was established in July2010. It is a professional animal and plant extracts modern and advanced enterprise object, pharmaceutical intermediates, and natural active ingredients. In the development, production and marketing, is very powerful.
    Headquartered in Xi’an. It has a research and development center and the Analysis and Testing Center, with strong comprehensive national strength. The company has 500 acres of experimental field of plant cultivation, extraction, distillation, rectification, chromatography, three specialized production lines, as well as 8000 square meters of GMP standard workshop. A variety of production equipment more than 150 sets of experiments. US company to introduce the company WATERS LC-MS chromatograph and a 8453 UV-Vis spectrophotometer and Switzerland TLC scanner (HPTLC) and other advanced detection equipment to ensure the quality of our products are oriented to international standards.
    Advanced equipment and professional and technical personnel, we are standing in front of the industry foundation, we thought to provide quality products and services to target customers around the word.
    Passionate sales and professional engineers are valuable asset of us, which make our company steady and energetic.    We will gain your trust with our persistent efforts.
    Ruisaen is the best choice of global customers.